The Farm of the Future


At Kenny’s Strawberry Farm, we grow some of our crops hydroponically. The benefits of our hydroponic crops are clear. Researched and created in Florida at Disney’s Epcot Center, we’ve adopted proven hydroponic farming techniques from some of the most advanced hydroponic farms in the world.

The Benefits of Earth Friendly Farming are Clear

  • Energy Savings
  • Less Water
  • No Soil Borne Pests or Diseases
  • Every Plant is Micro-Managed
  • Higher Yields
  • All Natural
  • Fresh Picked Daily

Our plants grow straight up, use no soil, are all natural and require 85 percent less water than farmers who grow crops conventionally.  And since our plants are potted in triple-grind redwood bark rather than soil, there’s no need for a lot of fumigants and fungicides.

Great for Our Planet and Your Table

A mild fertilizing solution that includes thirteen vital trace elements is dripped hydroponically for five minutes, three times daily. Because the solution goes directly to the plants’ roots, the method uses 80 percent less fertilizer and since our hydroponic crops require 85% less water we save on electricity too. So every hydroponic crop you pick is heartier, healthier, all natural, and great for our planet and your table.