Strawberry Picking in Carlsbad

If you’re looking for U Pic strawberries in Carlsbad or any of its surrounding neighborhoods, you’ve come to the right place, because at Kenny’s Strawberry Farm, we’ve been growing U Pic strawberries for years. Unlike other strawberry farms, we grow our strawberries hydroponically, above ground. So our fields are clean because there’s no dirt or mud to contend with.

Easy on your knees and your budget


if you’re looking for strawberry picking in Carlsbad, at Kenny’s Strawberry Farm, there’s never any bending or kneeling, because all our strawberry plants are grown in containers, well within reach of even the smallest child. The paths of our fields are also covered in moisture resistant, non-slip coverings, so there’s no need to be concerned about safety. And our paths are wide enough for strollers, so bring the toddlers too. We also furnish you and your children with everything you need to enjoy your strawberry picking in Carlsbad, including baskets, pails and child friendly scissors.
But most of all, because all our strawberries are grown hydroponically, you’re guaranteed that every strawberry you pick will be red, ripe and delicious.

Clean, Hearty and Healthy


Don’t be concerned that your kids are picking berries in the dirt where pesticides were used or soil borne pests are present, because our plants are potted in triple-grind redwood bark rather than soil. And that means there’s no need for the annual methyl bromide soil fumigation that traditional strawberry farming requires. At Kenny’s Strawberry Farm, we believe in earth friendly farming.

Take a 20 minute guided tour and learn about why hydroponic strawberries are so good for the environment and so healthy for you, and when your tour concludes your child will receive a certificate of accomplishment signed by Kenny. After all, we think having a good time can be educational too.

So if you’re looking for strawberry picking in Carlsbad and want your kids to enjoy a fun filled, family experience, why not spend the day strawberry picking in Carlsbad at Kenny’s Strawberry Farm.