Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking Tips, Facts and Figures


Strawberry picking should be fun for you and your family, especially the little ones. So we’ve designed our fields to be toddler friendly. All of our plants are grown above ground and are within easy reach for even the smallest child. All of the paths between each row of strawberries is paved with non-slip, moisture resistant coverings and wide enough to accommodate a stroller.

To insure you get the most from your strawberry picking experience, here are some simple tips, facts and figures, so take your time and enjoy the day.

  • Arrive early. On some weekends and holidays our fields may be picked clean by NOON!
  • Don’t pick the green strawberries. They’re not ripe enough for picking
  • Select plump, firm, fully red berries.
  • The small berries are often the most flavorful
  • One cup of strawberries contains only 43 calories
  • One cup of strawberries contains 150% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin “C”
  • Strawberries are high in fiber and contain no fat, cholesterol or sodium
  • A quart equals 1 and 1/2 pounds of fresh berries
  • 1 quart is normally enough for 4 servings
  • U-pick strawberries are much healthier than store-bought
  • You can easily freeze berries that you don’t use right away

Remember, unripe berries will not ripen once picked, so supervise your kids and be selective in your strawberry picking.

Farmer Kenny Wants You to Get the Most from Your Strawberry Picking Experience


We want the time you spend with us to be special, so relax and enjoy the day. Pack a lunch, bring your camera, we guarantee your kids will be smiling when they arrive and are going to have a great time.

We also furnish you and your children with everything you need to enjoy your strawberry picking including baskets, pails and child friendly scissors. Schedule a 20 minute guided tour and learn about why hydroponic strawberries are so good for you.

But most of all, farmer Kenny wants you to have fun during your strawberry picking experience, so Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!