U Pick Strawberries

We ‘grow-em and you pick-em’


We ‘grow-em and you pick-em’, that’s out motto, and we promise you’ll have fun doing it. Unlike other strawberry growers, who conveniently place their best strawberries on top and burry the average ones beneath them, at Kenny’s U pick strawberries, every strawberry U pick, you pick yourself. So you know all the U pick strawberries you take home went right from our fields to your table.

All natural fruit tastes better


Because all the U pick strawberries we grow are grown hydroponically, you’re guaranteed that every strawberry U pick will be red, ripe and delicious. And because we only use earth friendly growing techniques, they’re hearty and healthier too. Did you know that despite how sweet our U pick strawberries taste, one full cup of our all natural strawberries has less than 50 calories and that just one serving of Kenny’s U pick strawberries contains over 150 % of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C? Talk about nutrient density!

More importantly, our strawberries contain no fat, no sodium, no cholesterol, few carbohydrates, and are a high source of fiber. And best of all, because you picked every strawberry yourself, there’s never any waste.

You never get dirty at Kenny’s

Because all our U pick strawberries are grown hydroponically, there’s no dirt or mud to contend with. Your kids stay clean because they’re planted in containers above ground, where even the smallest child can reach them, so there’s never any bending or kneeling. The paths of our fields are also covered in moisture resistant, non-slip coverings, so there’s no need to worry about your child’s safety. They’re stroller friendly too. Of course, all children must be accompanied by an adult because we want you to enjoy the experience too.

Take a free guided tour or have your picture taken with farmer Kenny. Or have a picnic under one of our live oak trees. We want you to have a fun filled family experience and tell your friends and neighbors too. Why not visit us today? For directions, see a map to our convienent location