You Pick Strawberries

Fresh Picked Daily From Our Fields to Your Table


Have you ever noticed when you buy strawberries at the market or many vegetable stands, the best strawberries are always on the top while the average ones are buried underneath? That may be smart marketing for the vendor, but what a waste for you. Unlike other strawberry farms, at Kenny’s you pick strawberries, every strawberry you pick, you pick yourself. So you know all the strawberries you pick are going right from our fields to your table. Whether you pick strawberries or purchase your strawberries at one of our stands, you’re guaranteed every strawberry was picked the morning you purchased them.

Red, Ripe and Delicious


Because Kenny’s you pick strawberries are grown hydroponically, you’re guaranteed that every strawberry you pick will be red, ripe and delicious. Our earth friendly growing techniques guarantee every you pick strawberry was micro-managed, grown above ground, free of soil borne pests or diseases, and were cultivated using 85% less water and 80% less energy. And because they’re hydroponic, they’re hearty and healthier too. We’re green growers who are committed to you and our planet.

Our You Pick Strawberries are Clean and Healthy

Because every strawberry you pick is grown in containers rather than soil, there’s no dirt or mud to contend with. Your kids stay clean because they’re cultivated above ground, where even the smallest child can reach them, so there’s never any bending or kneeling. The paths of our fields are also covered in moisture resistant, non-slip coverings, so there’s no need to be concerned about safety. And our paths are wide enough for strollers, so bring the toddlers too.

At Kenny’s, every strawberry you pick is packed with fiber and nutrients yet have no fat, no sodium, and no cholesterol. But best of all, because you picked every strawberry yourself, there’s never any waste.

Enjoy a Fun Filled Day at Kenny’s

At Kenny’s Strawberry Farm, our hope is that you not only enjoy our hydroponic strawberries but also enjoy the time you spend picking them. Take one of our daily free guided tours and learn about hydroponic farming. We’ll even give your children a certificate of accomplishment. Bring your lunch or take picture with farmer Kenny. There’s never any rush, enjoy the day!

So if you want to enjoy a fun filled experience and go home with some delicious strawberries too, why not visit us today? For a map to our convenient location, click here.